All in Snacks

epic jackfruit nachos

you all seriously need to make these nachos!  like right now!  you know those restaurant style nachos that are loaded with shredded, seasoned chicken, refried beans and oozing with melty cheese??  well these are them, but with much better for you ingredients!  and here they are just in time for the super bowl 🙌 it doesn't get much better than this!

candied pecans

you know that iconic smell of the candied nut cart when you walk into a fair or amusement park?  that's what my whole house smells like when i make these!

hot candied pecans are one of my all time favorite snacks to get when i see them... or smell them... because it's that smell that i can't resist.. but they are usually loaded with a ton of a sugar. this version tastes IDENTICAL to those you'd get at the parks, only they're made with maple syrup and maple sugar and don't contain any refined sugar--making them just a bit healthier for you!!

5 minute healthy nachos

These are LEGIT.  I'm totally hooked on them.  Seriously, after the first time I made them, I made them on repeat every day for the rest of the week.  They take less than 5 minutes to make.  I almost always have all the ingredients needed on hand to make them.  They're delicious, satisfy all my savory junk food cravings anndddddddd are wayyyyyy healthier than most other nachos out there. . . 

beet smoothie

Let's face it, vegetables aren't the easiest thing to get a toddler to eat.  Put a plate of fruit in front of mine and she can't shovel it into her mouth fast enough.  Veggies, on the other hand, are inspected, cherry-picked, and often left on the plate.  Of course, she's got her favorites like: broccoli, green beans, and peas.  But then there are the untouchables . . .

peanut butter cookie dough bites

Cookie Dough by the spoonful--come on, we've all been there.  It makes for a perfectly acceptable snack, doesn't it?  Well, maybe not always, but it definitely can!  These peanut butter cookie dough bites are raw, vegan, gluten-free, and packed with protein!  They make an awesome pre or post-workout snack, are the perfect toppings for oatmeal, ice-cream and smoothie bowls, and are totally decadent and delicious.

Minnie Cucumber Sushi

Who’s excited about homemade sushi that doesn’t take over an hour to make and leave behind a sticky mess with tons to clean? 🙋🏻  These raw, rice free, completely plant-based cucumber alternatives are so much healthier than the real thing and are completely no-fuss!  They take just about 5 minutes to make and there’s no nori involved to scare away those leery toddlers.  This is the perfect lunch or snack to satisfy the whole family!  

There’s also a ton of room for creativity with these.  They make a great veggie appetizer for a party or dinner party—instead of serving chips with your guacamole, try putting it in a cucumber instead.  Want to fancy them up a bit for a party?  Instead of . . .

Minnie Christmas Trees

Who says cookie cutters can only be used for making cookies?!?  Is anyone else over the dozens of cookie cutters that sit tucked away in a drawer and only come out to play once a year?  Break out your cookie cutters more often and break out of the box when you use them!  

Getting toddlers to try new foods is half the battle, right?  Once they try new things, they often find they like them.  But getting a toddler to step into uncharted territories and taste something new isn’t always a walk in the park.  Making food fun—cutting it into fun shapes, creatively decorating it or turning it into a game—is one way to help break down that barrier.  

Last week I had some friends over for a slightly belated “Friendsgiving” dinner.  I have quite a few friends with . . .

Minnie Eggplant Pizzas

Hey everyone!  This week we’re very excited to share a new idea with you!  We decided to start switching up our current weekly “Midweek Inspirations” with “Midweek Minnies.”  So from now on every other week, we’ll switch back and forth between the two.  

The “Midweek Minnies” will come in the form of light bites, appetizers and kid-size meals.  Sometimes, there is too sharp a divide between “toddler friendly food” and sophisticated dishes.  I don’t really envision myself, or other parents of toddlers, serving Ants on a Long or PB and Js at a dinner party, but, hey, we also want our little ones to eat, right?  But who feels like adding the extra task of . . .

Pumpkin "Nice" Latte

Who's ready to spice up this Hump Day with a Pumpkin “Nice” Latte that’s cruelty free and won’t break the bank??  I’ll admit that I might have been craving a Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte since the moment fall officially began this year, but, unfortunately, there’s no dairy-free option for the PSL.  For about a month now I’ve been able to resist my urge for one, but now that were just days away from Halloween, fall isn’t feeling quite right for me without being able to enjoy one of my favorite seasonal drinks.  So, yesterday, as we were about to sit down and . . . 

"Oooooh yummy, is that mine?"

I may be stating the obvious here, given the food blog, but I’ve always had an admiration for good food—especially picture worthy food.  I spent my college and law school years planning vacations and road trips around food spots I’d heard about and wanted to try—I’ve got a long list, I’ve probably got a place to eat in every . . .

A White Sand Beach and Vegan Treats

The past couple weeks have been all about discoveries and adventure. First, we inadvertently discovered the vegan delicacy that is Cookie Butter all because we happened to be at ikea. Since we were up their way, we stopped at a vegan bakery, Parlour Vegan, and I decided to try their "campfire s'more cupcake."