I’m Jackie, a stay at home vegan mommy of one amazing little girl. My daughter, Zoey, is three years old, a huge Disney aficionado and Minnie Mouse super fan. She’s also the most amazing little helper in the kitchen that a mother could ask for, and so she is… my Minnie Chef.

More Treats from Parlour Vegan

More Treats from Parlour Vegan

I know it hasn’t been that long since my last post about Parlour Vegan, but I love the place so much that here I go again… I'm kind of obsessed with the place... In all fairness, I did try several new things this time and I just had to share these pictures with you all. 

So, I’ve been eyeballing their pop-tarts every time I visit their bakery—I’m sure you can tell why by the pictures—but every time I’ve opted for different things.  Well, I finally decided to try them! They had one left in each flavor—blueberry and strawberry, so I got them both. 

As far as taste goes, they were very good, but like most gluten free baked goods, the texture was a bit grainy.  Unfortunately for gluten free baked goods, unlike many vegan baked goods, they are hard to disguise—the texture of gluten free flour is pretty distinguishable.  I don’t know if I would get them again, but for a gluten free dessert, I give them a thumbs up, especially the blueberry. 


Now onto to the cupcakes… I got a maple bacon cupcake and a salted caramel cupcake.

Both were out of this world! Super sweet for sure, but the flavor was just SO GOOD.  They are so on point with their flavors at this place, I don’t know how they do it. 

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the visit in between this post and my last one.  On that trip there, I got a vanilla donut, which was gluten free, a cookies and cream sandwich, and a cinnamon roll.  The donut was great and surprisingly light for a gluten free baked donut.  The cookies and cream sandwich was delicious! The cookies were chewy and chocolatley and were filled with just the right amount of cream filling.  The cinnamon roll might have been my favorite from that trip—once again, the flavor was completely on point and the texture was perfect—soft, light and fluffy!

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Spicy Sesame Noodles

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